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A Few Words On Priorities

22 Aug

Changed Priorities Ahead

Dear Dave,

I hate getting on your case too much, but you need to take an honest look at your priorities. You don’t have infinite amounts of free time, so how are you spending it?

  • How many minutes have you blown on Facebook today?
  • How many clips on YouTube have you watched?
  • How many hours of leisure reading have you racked up this week?

It’s time to close up the computer, power down the cell phone, and turn off the TV.

God is first priority. Amanda and Lily come second. You come last.

Let’s get it together bro!




photo credit: add1sun via photopin cc

Action: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

10 Apr

The other day I watched this video of a guy stealing his own bike. He stole it numerous ways and was pretty obvious about it. The crazy thing: No one said or did anything about.

Take a look:

This got me thinking about how apathetic we are. I know that word gets used a lot in the Christian culture, but I think it is one of the biggest issues in today’s society; especially amongst men. Our culture chooses to stand by while satan steals the show. satan is constantly in control of this nation and we choose not to do anything about it. The picture of this guy stealing a bike parallels the way satan steals our hearts and the people hearts around us while we stand by and do nothing. Continue reading

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