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Fight Naked! 3 Types of Marital Fights and How to Seek Reconciliation

11 Aug

Fight Naked! 3 Types of Marital Fights and How to Seek Reconciliation

Within seconds of reading this post, I was literally laughing out loud.

You will too!

So please click here, and check out this post that talks about conflict within marriage, and how to work towards reconciliation.

Here is the summary that they provided:

  1. Fight naked: literally and figuratively. Keep it light whenever possible and be transparent always.
  2. Fight with love as your backdrop. If you stray from this, you’re wrong. Love must motivate you to seek reconciliation, otherwise you’re just being selfish.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you can, get over it. Have thick skin. Let some things go, and seek to understand before you seek to be understood.
  4. If all seems lost: pray hard and trust God.

The blog is written by Ryan and Selena Frederick, and contains tons of articles and resources to encourage and strengthen your marriage.  Be sure to check out their shareable content where they provide artwork to send a free message to someone special in your life.

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