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Navigating the Friend Zone by Stephen Simpson

24 Nov

Let’s just be friends

A sexlove_friendzoneman looking for love dreads no four words in the English language more. The thing that drives me crazy is that a lot of people don’t understand why. Continue reading

Pursue Her

19 Nov

  Here is a funny video about Pursing a Relationship with a woman in a healthy way!

Pursue her - video

Click Here!

Why Won’t Christian Men Date Women Who Go To Their Church?

10 Mar

ChurchHere is an article that I came across over the weekend.

As someone who has worked within the church among teenagers and emerging adults, I have seen how dating can change the social climate of a group.

Here are some reasons why the men interviewed would not date women at their church.

Reason #1: They’re worried about their reputations.

I have seen men get ridiculed for not asking out any girls, only to be later scorned for asking out too many.

Reason #2: Rather than giving them more options, dating girls at church actually gives them fewer options.

Reason #3: It complicates things.

Due to the small size of many emerging adult communities at churches, a relationship often means the destruction of a social group.  If a man enjoys his church home, he may not wish to jeopardize this community by dating.

Reason #4: There are so many better ways to meet women.

Dating website have clearly changed the way that single Christians meet and date.

Reason #5: It feels inappropriate.


What are your thoughts?


Here is the full article Christy Krumm.

Pursue Her: A Message to Single Guys

5 Sep

Pursue HerI found this video online, and thought that the single guys would enjoy it.


8 Women Christian Men should NEVER marry.

20 May

Man and woman marriageI wanted to pass this article alone to the single men within our community.  You will never find a perfect spouse, but there are some characteristics that you will want to do without.  Here is a great list!


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