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10 Ways a Man Makes His Wife Feel Ugly without Saying a Thing

11 Aug

This list is long, and impossible to keep to perfection.  However, this article is a powerful reminder to how our actions and words affect those whom we love.  I pray that one or more of these will be used by the Spirit in your life to build or rebuild your marriage.

Days before I got married, my pastor’s wife told me, “Your husband will never intentionally hurt you.” Twenty-two years later, I believe she was right—for the most part. Yet the key word is “intentionally”. Even though the average guy isn’t making it his mission to hurt his wife, he can unintentionally leave her feeling rejected, unseen, devalued—and ugly—without ever saying a thing.

Here is the full article.


Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife that reflect your Common Faith.

22 Dec

© 2008 Jennifer C., Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Christmas is around the corner, and I wanted to give my readers a few gift ideas for this season.

This year the gifts must have a connection to the concept of Christian faith.  I hope that they help spur you towards remembering your spouse this Christmas.

1.  Pinterest is a wealth of nice products (I am proud to admit that it took me four times to spell that word.)  Here is one site that focused on Christian Gifts for women.  I don’t have an account, and they blackened half the screen because I didn’t sign-up for an account, but it is worth going to see even if you only see a small section of screen.

2.  My sister-in-law runs a personalized jewelry store called, “Tag… You’re It!”  Here is their facebook page.  They are currently closed for new orders (because they are so busy!), but look through their site and make an order for Valentines Day, or some other event.

3.  Give a goat (in her name).   While I don’t think this is the only thing you should have under the tree, you can truly donate a goat to a needy family overseas through World Vision.  Here is the website if you think this idea is not-so- baaaaahhhd.

4.  Attend a Christian Marriage Conference or Begin Counseling.  I know that many women would be completely satisfied with this gift.  A marriage conference or counseling can turn a rocky marriage around, or turn a good marriage to great.  Do an internet search for something in your area.

5.  If you like a gift for her that is really about you, then you might like this shirt.  This website had several other Christian t-shirts that you might like.

I heard this week from several co-workers that they didn’t really care what they got as long as they could tell that their husband put some thought into the gift.  So start thinking, and don’t rely on last-minute shopping at Walmart.

And above all…

Have a Merry Christmas!


Dr. G. David Boyd is the founder and managing director of EA Resources.  He is proud to admit that he is already done with his Christmas shopping.



Don’t make Your Wife Pick a Fight with You.

8 Jul

© 2006 金娜 Kim S, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio


Whether or not Rachel will admit it publicly (or would love for everyone to read about it), she once started a fight because she “needed to see some emotion from me.”  I had probably spent the evening working on my own, watching TV, or playing a video game.  Since I am not always in great need of personal connection, I was enjoying my personal isolation, but my wife was not feeling the same way.

After hours of feeling alone, and feeling as if I didn’t care anything about what she was doing, she needed some connection.  After she tried and failed to get it through other means, a fight seemed like her only option.

desperate from Flickr via Wylio

© 2003 soei_cs_82, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

While I would not suggest conflict as a means of getting attention, it solved the problem.  I usually get emotional during our conflicts – anger, sadness, or any other emotions can erupt.  In this case, my wife would rather have me angry at her (which usually leads to reconciliation), than for her to feel no emotion at all towards her.

Sometimes women will endure the conflict in order to get to the intimacy involved in resolution.

Women would be satisfied with simple words that reflect not simply how we as men think, but how we feel.  In daily conversation, women ask questions hoping for emotional connection, but men respond with answers driven solely by reason.

I realize that sometimes my lack of displaying emotion can cause a lack of intimacy in our marriage.  Learning to show emotion is not something that men are particularly known for being good at, but it is a skill that all men can develop.

Using the Four-letter Word in Marriage

19 Jun

Gagged manI don’t know about you, but sometimes I have used a four-letter word in our home. When it gets said, it brings tears.  When it gets blurted out, it brings anger.  A word that while may be well-intended, does not bring positive results.  That four-letter word is… fine.

“How was dinner?”  “How do I look?”  “How do you like my hair?”  “How do you feel?”

In each situation, that little word can get me into some hot water.

I sometimes argue with her that it should be an acceptable response, but I have lost each time.  Mostly because my thesaurus defines fine as, “reasonable, okay, satisfactory, acceptable, and sufficient.”   I am not sure any woman really wants her appearance to be “adequate,” or for her hair cut to be called, “sufficient.”

If you are like me, you have a few go-to expressions, but it is important to have a few new ones, as sometimes our go-to’s lose their affect.  In an effort to bolster my vocabulary, and to help others who are addicted to this four-letter world, I did a search on some replacement words.  I hope this list will save you and her some unnecessary pain.

Alternatives to the word Fine

Good (with emphasis – as in You look goooood.), Hot, Smokin’, Pretty, Mighty fine (emphasis on might), beautiful, gorgeous, delightful, stellar,   jaw-dropping, attractive, cute, good-looking, lovely, stunning, charming, wonderful, magnificent, unbelievable, eye-catching, Immaculate, and priceless.

Hopefully there are a few on the list, that catches your eye, and sticks in your brain.  Be prepared for the question for the answer is important to her.

Proverbs 5:18-20

“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer—may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.”

May you take time to enjoy the beauty of your wife, and give her the response she deserves.

Ask Not What Your Wife Can Do For You…

15 Apr


Think about your favorite hobby. If it’s like most hobbies, there’s probably some aspect of doing it that’s not enjoyable.  No golfer says, “I really enjoy having to arrange a tee time.” Disclaimer: I golf maybe once a year as part of a work outing. I have no idea how golf prep works. Perhaps there’s apps where you can schedule a time in 15 seconds on your phone.  I’m guessing that for fishing, scrapping the barnacles off the boat and gutting the fish isn’t the reason people enjoy it. If you do fish in order to gut fish, you need to seek help.

Imagine if out of the blue your wife said, “Hey honey, I went ahead, got a tee time ready, got the clubs loaded up, and you’re all set to go on a round of golf with your friends.” Or “Go ahead and go fishing. When you get back, I’ll clean up the boat. And the fish are going to be in the red cooler, right? I’ll take care of them.”  I think we’d agree that it would be pretty awesome, right? Continue reading

Husbands, Reject Miss Bliss

6 Apr


Some days it seems like temptation walks right up to you doesn’t it? I will never forget Ms. Bliss (and yes that is her real name). Ms. Bliss had been flirting with me for a while, but I thought she was just friendly. I quickly realized she was a bit too friendly the day Ms. Bliss offered to take me to lunch and have her for dessert, using just those words. Continue reading

Head and Heart

5 Apr


Rather than simply rail on what marriage isn’t, I want to take some time discussing what I feel it should be. Because, let’s face it, this is going to be a discussion of ideals, I’m going to describe the “should be” as “is.”

I’ve talked to people whose biggest issue with the Bible is that it seems to imply that women are inferior to men. I disagree. That interpretation comes primarily from men who misunderstand and misuse Scripture’s charge for, among other things, wives to obey husbands. Continue reading

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